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RIVA Speedboats Experience
in all Italian seas & lakes

Speedboat Riva, vintage and modern, with Capitan are available in the most beautiful Italian seas and lakes.

Magical places that you will be able to admire on board of the non plus ultra of the Riva shipyard. Not only “common” places or tourist one, but also all places of magnificent beauty, known only by who live in our country.

A fantastic fleet of Riva masterpieces and theirs capitan awaits you. You can choose between the wonderful wooden motorboats of the 60s and 70s, like Riva Aquarama or SuperFlorida, which made the history and success of the Riva brand, or prefer the comfort of modern Riva.

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RIVA Masterpieces fleet:
Vintage & Modern Wood Speedboats

What you should know is each Riva speedboat has its own soul, its own prestige, its own history. Riva is a symbol of uniqueness, there is no boat that can give the same emotions, that is the maximum exaltation of the nautical excellence of Made in Italy all over the world. Whether, it is a modern Riva or a classic, vintage one, you will be amazed by their beauty and charm.

RIVA Super Florida
“rare & fascinating”

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RIVA Super Aquarama
“the icon of Riva”


RIVA Aquariva
“modern & comfortable”

Rent a Riva speedboat in Italy
Riva rental in italy

Italian seas & lakes or Cote d’Azur!!

Riva motorboats with theirs Captain are available in the most beautiful and important Italian locations. They are waiting for you to sail on board of these amazing masterpieces of Italian boats to discover the natural beauty, that characterizes these place and their coasts, famous in all over the world for their splendor. They will frame your experience on a timeless legend and make it unforgettable in a typical Italian style.

Some of Riva locations :
Famous but also Not conventional places

riva rental capri

Riva Capri

Riva Amalfi

Riva Venezia

riva rental venice

Riva Stresa

Riva Sirmione

Riva Positano

Riva Portofino

Riva Como

Riva Sarnico

Riva Porto Cervo

Riva vintage boat rental

Unique experiences designed for you:
Taylor Made customization by Capitan

An a wide range of experiences solutions on Riva wooden motorboats vintage or modern, in order to make you live a unique experiences that you will cherish for a long time.

All proposals are made form capitan of Riva speedboat and are not a pre-packaged tours or tourist packages. The capitan always love to create something different every time.

Tailored customization will give you the pleasure of transforming your every wish into an emotion to be experienced. All highly customizable according to your needs and desires.

The captains will be at your disposal to accommodate your requests and verify their feasibility.

Some of the most appreciated proposals of the captains:

Riva classic motorboat rental in italy
Riva rental classic boat in italy
riva romantic tour riva collection italy

“If something has to be done, it has to be done now.”

Carlo Riva

private tour Riva boat rental

As his daughter Lia recalls:

“When we went to sea, all together, dad greeted us like this: ‘Enjoy happy'”.

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perfect italian style rent riva aquarama
photoshooting service rent riva motorboat with capitan

About Aquarama: “Sun, sea, joie de vivre!” was the slogan with which the prototype was presented to the public. Price? 10 million and 800 thousand lire!

Riva: the soul of the Dolce Vita and icon of the Côte d’Azur of the fabulous 60s

riva rental capri

” Return to port by boat, look at billions of stars and feel like a billionaire without a penny in your pocket …”

It almost seems to hear that voice again … Carlo Riva, engineer of a thousand qualities, visionary, pioneer, always ahead of everyone, who gave life, shape and soul to the most beautiful boats that have ever existed, which later became timeless icons.

A story made of Emotions.

ITALIAN MARVEL exclusively offers an assistance and consultancy service to customers on board Rivas, managing the customer and the captain of Riva motorboat in the best possible way in order to experience magnificent emotions on board these Italian masterpieces.