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Speedboats rental with Captain-service,
Private Collection Museum and Restoration Department

Speedboats Rental with Captain-service, Private Collection Museum, Restoration Department

Italian Marvel offers the rental of Riva speedboats with Captain-service in the most beautiful Italian locations, magical places that you will be able to admire on board of the non plus ultra of the shipyard, the Riva Aquarama, proclaimed in 2017 as the best opus ever created by Carlo Riva, besides being recognized since its presentation as “the Ferrari of the sea” and “the Stradivari of the boats”.

We are thus able to offer something more than just a Riva motorboats rental: the technical know-how provided by our link with the technical department and our passion shown by the partnership with the Private Collection, makes us unique and able to have you experience emotions impossible to live anywhere else.

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Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum and Restoration Department

On Lake Iseo, just where the legend of these motorboats was born in 1842, we are able to offer you the most fascinating experience to discover the world of Riva. In addition to chartering the famous Aquarama, you will have the opportunity to visit the Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum for a closed-door experience, admiring as many as sixteen boats all stored in perfect condition. In this unique collection there are some masterpieces like the Riva Racer, Riva Lancetta, Riva Ariston, Riva Florida, Riva Junior, Riva Olympic, Riva Scoiattolo, Riva Sebino, Riva Super Ariston and the famous Aquarama that made the history of the shipyard. You’ll also have access to the exclusive Technical Department dedicated to Restoration, where you’ll be able to discover all the secrets and peculiarities that characterize these magnificences and their craftsmanship.

Our proposals for you

Italian Marvel offers a wide range of rental solutions for Riva Aquarama motorboats, in order to make you live a unique experience that you will cherish for a long time. All our proposals are highly customizable according to your needs and your desires, but we allow ourselves to present you the most requested and appreciated:

  • Riva 360°


    Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum and Restoration Department

  • Private

  • Dolce Vita

  • The perfect

    Italian style
  • Sailing

    by night
  • Wedding

  • Customized services for every special occasion

    every special occasion
  • Romantic

  • Sailing with

  • Discover

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Rental locations

Italian Marvel offers the rental of Riva motorboats with Captain-service in the most beautiful and important Italian locations, we are waiting for you to sail on board of these boats and discover the natural beauty that characterizes these resorts and their coasts, famous all over the world for their splendor. They will frame your experience on a timeless legend and make it unforgettable in a typical Italian style.

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