Motorboats Riva Private Collection Museum, the Restoration Department and the Riva Aquarama

Italian Marvel, an excellence in the rental of Riva motorboats, offers you the chance to experience unique emotions on board of the famous Aquarama. And only on Lake Iseo, where the myth was born, we are able to offer a unique 360-degree experience to discover the world of these boats and their creators.

A guided tour through the technical department specialized in the restoration of these boats and a closed-door visit of the Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum will offer you the opportunity to discover all the secrets and peculiarities of these magnificent motorboats.

In memory of Eng. Carlo Riva

You will discover the history of the brand through the images and memories of Ing. Carlo Riva, meeting those who worked alongside him and made of these boats real works of art.

In addition, to end an unforgettable day, you will experience an exciting “ride” at full speed on board of a legendary Riva Aquarama.

The technical department

The tour will start from the technical department devoted to restorations, where you will appreciate every single detail of these motorboats, admire the splendor of their hidden engines, touch the materials and the precious woods, and discover the arts and the care with which these boats are made in Italy.

riva experince museum and collection

The Motoscafi Riva private collection museum

Following the restoration department we will continue with a tour of the Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum. The exclusive and guided visit (behind closed doors) of this unique collection of sixteen perfectly preserved specimens will give you the chance to admire the most beautiful motorboats produced by this shipyard, rewarded in 2017 among the ten most beautiful Riva motorboats ever produced: among them the Riva Aquarama, the Long Aquarama, the Aquarama Special, the Super Aquarama, the Riva Ariston, the Riva Florida, the Riva Inglesina, the Riva Junior, the Riva Olympic, the Riva Racer, the Riva Scoiattolo, the Riva Sebino and the Riva Super Ariston. You will be guided through the evolution and the history of the boats over the years, from 1929 to 1980.

The Aquarama:
sun, sea and the joy of life!

Then we are just left to experience the thrill of the Aquarama, with an experienced Captain who will make you “fly” at top speed on board of this motorboat, appreciating the true spirit of Riva.

Your experience can be customized according to your needs and your desires, so that you can get memories that will be kept forever in your heart. We would like to suggest some of the most requested and appreciated:

  • Riva 360°


    Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum and Restoration Department

  • Private

  • Dolce Vita

  • The perfect

    Italian style
  • Sailing

    by night
  • Wedding

  • Customized services for

    special occasion
  • Romantic

  • Sailing

  • Discover


What if it was love at first sight?

Why not take home one of these supreme beauties? In addition to our restoration department, which is entrusted with motorboats from all over the world to shine like a Riva requires, we have a sales department, with unique, hard to find, boats that we can deliver to your home, guaranteeing you perfect conditions as if you had bought them in the great Sixties.

We will be happy to show you our motorboats, because a Riva can not be bought from a distance, it must be seen, touched and felt right from the first moment. We do not sell boats, we sell unique emotions!