Riva speedboat in Sorrento

Sorrento: the wonder aboard Riva speedboats

Sorrento, with its privileged location on the Amalfi Coast, is one of the most famous and charming tourist destinations in Southern Italy. And exploring its coastline aboard a Riva motorboat is an experience that will leave you speechless.

With its elegant and luxurious motorboats, Riva is synonymous with class and elegance. Aboard one of these jewels of the sea, you can navigate the crystal-clear waters of the Sorrento coast and admire its breathtaking views.

The view of Sorrento from the sea is simply spectacular. You can admire the city, with its colorful houses and Mediterranean architecture, and discover hidden coves and sea caves that you couldn’t see otherwise.

But it’s not just the beauty of the landscape that makes the experience on board a Riva motorboat so unique. The navigation experience itself is something incredible. Feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, while smoothly gliding over the water on a nautical masterpiece, is an unforgettable experience.

And then there’s the possibility of making a stop for a swim in the crystal-clear waters, or for an aperitif on board, enjoying local typical products and sipping a glass of Prosecco.

In short, sailing along the coast of Sorrento aboard a Riva motorboat is an experience that combines luxury, elegance, and natural beauty, to give you an unforgettable memory of your vacation in Italy.