The nautical myth of the Sixties

Riva Aquarama speedboats rental

Italian Marvel, an excellence in the rental of luxury and prestigious Riva motorboats, offers you the possibility of experiencing unique emotions on board of the famous Aquarama. Our technical know-how, our link with the restoration department, our passion, and the access to the Riva Private Collection Museum, makes us unique and able to make you live experiences impossible to live elsewhere.

Rental is offered with captain-service and is available in the most beautiful Italian locations such as the towns of Como, Sarnico, Sirmione, Stresa, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Capri, Amalfi and Positano, but we are at your disposal to offer you the service in any desired location, coming to you even to private villas, hotels, restaurants and wherever you desire. Both for a navigation service or just for the exposure of these beauties.

riva noleggio barche mare

Riva Aquarama Rental with Captain-service

Our fleet of Riva motorboats is made of ten Riva Aquarama, available in different Italian locations. This boat, awarded in 2017 as the best creation ever by Carlo Riva and his shipyard, is also called “the Ferrari of the sea” and “the Stradivari of the boats”: the non plus ultra of the Riva shipyard and of Italian boating.

The Aquarama was produced only in 789 numbered copies for the whole world, becoming over the years the dream of many people, a dream that came true only for a few people. This boat, built in precious mahogany, is painted and polished to bring out the beauty of its veins for all its eight and a half meters, and is driven by two 400 hp engines able to reach a speed of 50 knots.

All our motorboats are run by expert captains who will make you feel at ease on board, and will always be at your disposal for every need you may have. They will also entertain you revealing details and curiosity about the Riva world and their navigation techniques.

Why should you try this boat and the emotions it can give? The answer is in the words of Carlo Riva, used on an advertising billboard in 1960: “Sun, sea, joy of life!” These are the elements that will characterize your day.

Rental services

Italian Marvel offers a wide range of rental solutions for Riva Aquarama motorboats, in order to make you live a unique experience that you will cherish for a long time. All our proposals are highly customizable according to your needs and your desires, but we allow ourselves to present you the most requested and appreciated:

Riva 360° Experience: Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum and Restoration Department

On Lake Iseo we are able to offer the most fascinating experience: in addition to the rental of this magnificent motorboat, you will have the opportunity to access the Motoscafi Riva Private Collection Museum, where you will be able to admire sixteen Riva speedboats, and  the Restoration Department, where you will discover every secret and peculiarity of the boats.

riva experince museum and collection
private tour Riva boat rental

Private Tours

These experiences are craft-made on your wishes, that will be examined by our staff in order to offer you the best solutions. We will take you to discover the most beautiful and hidden landscapes of our lakes and of our sea, so that you will have the opportunity to take magnificent photos to share with your friends.

Dolce Vita Mood

A real must-try in our experiences, something unique that will bring you back to the past, making you experience all the emotions of the italian Sixties. The joy of life, the climate and the entertainment of one of the most beautiful places in the world, characterized by luxury, fashion and by its jet set.

dolce vita mood in riva rental service
perfect italian style rent riva aquarama

Perfect Italian style

Don’t you think that there would be nothing better than living this experience as a true Italian gentleman, knowing the locals and visiting unusual places? Well, then this proposal is for you: something unusual for a tourist but extremely surprising awaits you… You will discover all the most beautiful Italian “vices”!

Sailing by night

This is perhaps the most peculiar of our proposals. Sailing by night is not for everyone, but the show that will open in front of your eyes will be something special. The lights of the coast that will be reflected in the water will be just a little sparkle compared to the splendor above your head. The blue night sky, with thousands of stars, will magically brighten up your evening.

riva night cruise rent vintage boat italy

Wedding services

Those who choose to get married on the lake or in a seaside resort can’t miss the opportunity of a classic arrival at the church or at the party on board of a magnificent Riva. This motorboat will give one of the most important days of your life an unmistakable Italian soul, which you will be able to revisit every time you will look at the photographs of this day.

Romantic tours

The charme of these wooden motorboats, with their shiny plating, has an unusual touch of romance. Imagine their splendor at sunset, when the lake and the sea acquire unique and unforgettable colors, encircling you in a unique scenery.

riva romantic tour riva collection italy
riva special occasion rent riva aquarama

Customized services for every special occasion

Not only weddings but also anniversaries, special events and proposals, if made on board of these masterpieces of Italian boating, will become even more unforgettable experiences.

Photoshoot service

Riva motorboats have actually become a status symbol of luxury and elegance all over the world, and many fashion houses have put them in their advertising to give a touch of exclusivity. If you want to promote your business or your products on board of these boats, you will just have to contact us to set up your photo shoot.

photoshooting service rent riva motorboat with capitan

Renting locations

Italian Marvel offers the rental of Riva motorboats with captain-service in the most beautiful and important Italian locations, which with their radiance will frame your experience on board of this timeless classic in a typical Italian style.

Riva Como

Lake Como

Riva Cinque Terre

riva rental cinque terre

Lagoon – Mediterranean Sea

Riva Sarnico

Lake Iseo

Riva Porto Cervo

Mediterranean Sea – Sardinia – Costa Smeralda

Riva Stresa

Lake Maggiore

Riva Amalfi

Mediterranean Sea – Amalfi Coast

Riva Capri

Mediterranean Sea – Amalfi Coast

Riva Sirmione

Lake Garda

Riva Taormina

Mediterranean Sea

Riva Perugia

Lake Trasimeno

Riva Portofino

Mediterranean Sea

Riva Venezia

riva rental venice

Lagoon – Mediterranean Sea

We therefore invite you to sail on board of our motorboats to discover our shores and the splendor of our coasts, renowned all over the world.